August 31, 2008

Pinky is Practicing to Help the Police

The Bardwell CSI unit has come to Pinky to help solve a crime. Pinky has so far been able to pull this image from his mind. With practice he hopes to have the image in focus and the crime solved before the labor day weekend is over. Check back regularly to see Pinky's progress.

Pinky as Superhero Plucking Chickens

Or is it superhero as Pinky plucking chickens?

August 30, 2008

Pink Worry

Is the Diablo family story of Pinky's birth a lie? Was he not born in a hurricane after all? Pinky recently found this photograph hidden in Pableau X's underwear drawer with a note pinned to it:"Do not let Pinky see!!!!!" Pinky had once heard that his dear Papa had been a petroleum engineer before becoming a poet. Pinky turned the note over and on the back was written: "After creating such a monstrosity, I must forsake this devilish career they call science." At least Pinky knows now why he has such a fascination with jars.

What Happens to Pinky When He Doesn't Listen to Miss Love

Pinky Diablo: Mind Reader Extradordinaire

Reptilian Old Testament

And God pulled one of Adam's 674 ribs and created Eve as a companion for him. God said, "Children, find the tree of knowledge and eat the fruit from it and ye shall have dominion over all the creatures of the world." But when Eve slithered over t0 the tree, there was a fat, naked human woman vomiting upon the ground from eating all the fruit. Eve said, "You disgusting bitch, look what you've done to us now. I put a curse of you and your children and your children's children. Henceforth you will live on Wal-Mart packaged food and be even more obese and more stupid" Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden and crawled under a rock, determined to bite every human they saw henceforth.

August 29, 2008

Let Pinky be Your John (the Baptist)

Diablo Inc. occaisonally searches the internet for copyright infringements against Pinky. But they have now found a site that takes the cake. Here are some words and phrases associated with the good name of Pinky Diablo on a porno site: dead bird fetish, a man whose head had been pierced in one side and out the other injun arrow style by a weasel, Jack Nicholson, dunce cap, cartoon rats, hand job in a hot tub, Pinky's john, and the list goes on. The Diablo Inc. legal dept. is looking into closing this confusing internet site on which Pinky is not so subtly accused of prostitution. TO see this bizarre mishmash mention of odd characters and Pinky click HERE. (For credible information on hiring Pinky, please leave requests in comment area below.)

August 26, 2008

Pinky vs. the Rest of the World

Logic Put the Fear of God into Pinky

So here's Pinky's career progression over the last 30 years :
BBQ Server
Community College Teacher
Unemployed Bum
Zoo Keeper

Here's the horror. After Pinky left the zoo, he was again an unemployed bum. Now he is back to community college teacher. See the pattern? Pinky is fearful of being an aged BBQ server. He sees it coming.

Poor Nadine

Nadine has moved to the country. She has day dreamed about owning horses all her life, but now she has spent all her money on her new (well, almost new) single-wide. Luckily, she is good with paper-mache and hot glue.

No, But Pinky Would!

August 22, 2008

Every 100 years angels shed their skins. They start out like moist spring roll wrappers (but larger and fishier), but as they fall slowly earthwards, they shrivel and dry. Most are turned to dust before landing. Only a rare few have survived the month long fall from heavenly grace. Anyone who finds one is sure to be most unlucky.

Answer: Candy Corn

Well, that's Pinky's educated guess. It covers the first two and the last--He can only imagine a host of skeletons in Hell eating mountains of candy corn.

Where Babies Come From: Pinky's Amazing Journey from a Seed to a Newborn

Have Another Drink, You Capitalist Asshole

August 21, 2008

Pinky's Standing Next to You

Pinky Can Tell Who was Mean to Granny D as a Little Girl by Looking in the Family Album

A Sad Fascination

Little Arnoldina wasn't interested in anything except horse apples. As a young child this was somewhat amusing to her family, but in her later years it became a burden to them.

Pinky's Catering Service

He is not known for his tasty food--rather his exquisite table settings.

Change of Plans

Pinky wasn't getting the results he expected from the last focus group. He has let them go and hired this new group who appear much more professional.

Pinky Can't Get the Zoo Out of His Dreams

August 17, 2008

Virtual Buddhist

Pinky has been contemplating ridding himself of all personal possessions. In anticipation of the day when he walks out the front door naked and unencumbered by the things of the world, he emptied his computer file labeled "blog pics". In it were 7,685 images he has made or collected to use on this blog. It was liberating. Afterwards, Pinky ran to the bathroom to vomit.

Fashion Advice for the Nemesis

Pinky (left) shown giving his nemesis Nadine (right) some tips on how to dress for success. Nadine has lost her job at the Bardwell Burger Barn. She has several interviews lined up. ( If you are a new reader, you may wonder why Pinky would help his nemesis. But for those of you who know Pinky, you know that's just the kind of guy he is.)

August 16, 2008

From the Pinky Diablo Illustrated Bible

Upon being expelled from the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve checked into the world's first motor court motel until they could find more permanent lodging. (In ancient times there were no ice machines, but there was refrigerated air.)

Litlle Known Characters from the Old Testament

Jacob's wife couldn't leave the cherry trees alone.

Pinky has Decided Against a Mentor

But instead has hired this focus group to tell him what to do. There is a lot of church, chintz and luncheons in his future.

When God Doesn't Want to See, She Just Closes Her Eyes

August 13, 2008

Come Hear Pinky Tonight!

Pinky as Pancake

Today Pinky had a hard time waking up. In his half-sleeping state he imagined he was a pancake. No bones--just soft, hot, and flat. He imagined he was the batter spreading out into the sizzling pan. He felt good and wholesome on the plate until other pancakes were put on top of him. He tried to feel like he was the entire stack of cakes, but that didn't fly. He was definitely the bottom pancake on the pile choking under the weight of the others--sticky from the butter put between him and the pancake above. Pinky realized his lifelong conception that pancakes must like to be together was flawed.

August 11, 2008

Pinky has Hired a Mentor

Pinky is in need of both career advice as well as a complete make-over.

Skeletal Therapy

Pinky has been to a skeleton therapy week-end in San Antonio. His skeleton was analyzed and subjected to some fierce group therapy. He was then locked naked in a mirrored room and forced to draw his own inner armature. It was a humbling experience.

August 6, 2008

Tiny Icarus

Diablo Inc. executives were Googling Pinky's name (as well as his alter ego's) and found this tiny sculpture that Pinky made years ago. It showed up on a recent Dallas art tour site. They also found a photo of a Chicago area fan wearing a bootleg Pinky Diablo t-shirt. (The wearer shouldn't worry too much--the marketing execs don't communicate well with the legal dept. here at Diablo Inc.)

August 3, 2008

Words are Funny Things

Yesterday, public radio listeners in the Metroplex were encouraged to visit the Webb Gallery in Waxahachie featuring none other than Pinky Diablo the Sewing Cowboy. Pinky embroidered words for 14 hours straight. He was a little dissapointed that his following commissioned such sophomoric words as turdbucket and ass and ignored his display of flea, weasel, and pallor.