May 26, 2006

Preparations for Tomorrow's Wedding

As a spiritual cleansing for the wedding ceremony at which Pinky will be officiating tomorrow, Pinky is fasting for two days. He will be refraining from all solid food--partaking only of mole, very runny black beans and Shiner beer. It will be a grueling fast, but well worth the connection to the gods.

Pinky Diablo Inc.'s Newest Enterprise

A cotton candy factory based in Haiti. (Remember Pinky's painful memories of cotton candy? If not, click here.)

Don't Tell Presidente Fox

Pinky went to see the huge tree in Tule, Mexico. In a rage against trees as tourism, Pinky grabbed an axe and began whacking away. Three days later, all that was left was this pitiful little stump.

May 24, 2006

A Suppressed Memory

Pinky remembers seeing some raw chicken legs as he was sliding onto the floor. Then some Mexican police carried him off the the governor's palace. The rest was a blur.

Love is in the Air

Pinky's Getting Queasy

Another photo found in Pinky's camera. He's gonna be sick.

Pinky Loses Week

Pinky woke up yesterday in this run down hotel in Oaxaca after a week long mezcal binge.

May 13, 2006

Diablo Inc.Farm Fresh Water

Bottled fresh daily from Miss Love's zebu tank. Full of vitamins and essential minerals. Pregnant ladies crave it!

This was One of Pinky D's Modeling Gigs

Granny D has a Chair Fetish

Meat Face

May 11, 2006

May 10, 2006

If Pinky Could Invite Anyone to His Perfect Dinner Party Who Would It Be?

Harriet Tubman
Perle Mesta
Mahalia Jackson
Eleanor Roosevelt
Pearl S. Buck
Miss Love

Pinky, Granny D and Pableux X are headed to the Mexican Jungle

Here's their bed and breakfast. Pinky has learned to decipher Mayan hieroglyphics. Granny D will hunt the elusive Monte Alban grubworm. Pableux X will dance among the ruins by moonlight.

Pinky is the Hole in the Fabric of Life

Pinky is the Oracle of the North Texas Area

Put your ear to the screen and listen to what he has to tell you.

If You Don't Know Who Pearl S. Buck is, How Could You Know About Perle Mesta?

She was famous for serving ham!

Just Like Fine China...

Pinky has a mark on his bottom showing how expensive he is.

Pinky Dreamed He was Attacked by an Army of Meringue

Sweet little killing machines.

May 9, 2006

Maybe You Recognize Her Here

If you don't know who this is, you need help! Find out soon and get with the program!

Do You Know Who This Is?

May 7, 2006

Pinky's Inner Clown

Pinky's Psychic Pinhole Photography

Pinky set the camera up during a lightning storm last night. This is what he captured. It reminds him of Newfoundland.

Pinky's New New York Gallery

40 sq. ft/$9000 per mo. Looking for two good sculptures to sell at top dollar. Contact Pinky.

Everybody Loves a Monkey

May 6, 2006

Pinky Has Been Awarded Membership in the Elite Order of the Blister in Phirishustan

Pinky is now a world ambassador for the blister afflicted!