February 28, 2007

Granny D and Pableau X Made Pinky the Man He is Today

While other kids went to Wet and Wild, little Pinky splashed with the dead. (Miss Love has a similar story: She received a Mr. Water Wiggle for a gift but the water pressure was too low at her house. Her parents took her to play with it at the neighborhood gas station.)

February 27, 2007

Pinky's Solution for the Middle East

Cover the entire region in a mile thick layer of cotton candy and let God lick the land clean. (Pinky knows he will get hate mail for this plan, but one has to stand up for what one believes is right.)

February 26, 2007

Pinky Knows a Redish Secret

His friend, Lance Ferngate, showers every morning with ketchup. (That's not the secret. The secret is that he let Pinky photograph him in the act and publish it on the internet for everyone to see.)

If Pinky were a Tree

He'd scare the holy crap out of you.

Every Time You Lie...

God writes it down in his little notebook made from the flesh of angels.

Lot and Wife on Vacation

Bear Meat?

February 24, 2007

February 21, 2007

What's Your Rank?

If you didn't know Pinky was going to be the master of ceremonies for a belly dance review in Waxahachie, Texas this Saturday, you're not on the A-list! (The truth is stranger than fiction.)

Barcelona is Slipping!

Holy Moses!

February 20, 2007

Pinky D's Auxilary Word of the Day

This word is Hebrew, meaning something like “stream, flood, or freshet,” and the story behind its modern English senses comes from Judges 12:5–6: the Gileadites test a man they have caught near their camp; they suspect he may be an Ephraimite, an enemy:

… the men of Gilead said unto him, Art thou an Ephraimite? If he said, Nay; Then said they unto him, Say now Shibboleth: and he said Sibboleth: for he could not frame to pronounce it right. Then they took him, and slew him … [and 42,000 others].

“To pronounce it right,” of course, meant “to pronounce it as the Gileadites did.”

The modern meanings of shibboleth are crucial to any discussion of usage: specifically, it refers to a sound or word whose pronunciation is difficult or impossible for some non-native speakers, or a test word or locution by means of which in persons can keep out persons out. By extension, a shibboleth is any peculiarity of language, dress, or other manners that marks people as belonging to one group or another.

Pinky D's Word of the Day

prophesize (v.)

is Substandard, apparently an error caused by a feeling that prophesy needs a suffix to be a real verb. To say or write prophesize is a shibboleth.

Chew on This

If nobody hears a prophet prophesizing alone in the wilderness, will he ever get a TV show?

Duet on the Ranch

Pinky and Miss Love often dress up and sing their hearts out!

Pinky Diablo: Obsessed with Death #2437

February 17, 2007

Diablo Inc.'s New Vice President of Overseas Finance and Money Laundering

Mrs. Beatrice "Bunny" Nesbitt comes to Diablo Inc. from Merrill Lynch where she was fired for embezzlement and sexual harassment.

The Spanish Response to Diablo Inc.'s New Barcelona Marketing Attack

Pinky say,"Put her on the payroll as director of research and marketing of the Barcelona Project!"

Beautiful Sickness

Pinky Just Seconds After the Rapture

February 16, 2007

Pinky Has Work to Do

He has discovered that only two out of three women in Barcelona love Pinky Diablo. Diablo Inc. will be starting a new multi-million dollar Spanish marketing campaign to remedy this horror.

Pinky's Dietary Rule #42

Pinky saves his Valentine's candy for 12 years before eating. Here is 1995 candy ready for 2007 consumption.

Pinky's Pink Pavillion of Malice

Come on in!

February 13, 2007

Miss Love Loves the Unexpected

Nadine's Gone Back Off Her Rocker

Pinky went to visit his friend Nadine this week. She was in a shed behind her house grinding down huge rocks with a belt sander. When asked what she was doing, she replied, "Making talcum powder." To which Pinky replied, "Well, I do have some chafing..."

Valentine Schmalenltine

February 11, 2007

What Happened?

Names were exchanged, promises made, messages delivered, contracts signed, innocence corrupted, pistols cocked, villains foiled, meetings convened, futures foretold, lives threatened, babies kissed, sabres rattled, lies told, fortunes made, infernal devices armed, vengeance sworn, poisons decanted, ciphers decoded, cabels infilitrated, virgins sacrificed, covers blown, prisoners rescued, blueprints stolen, daggers drawn, spells cast, assassinations thwarted, blood shed, truces broken, officials bribed, trusts betrayed, traps laid, wagers placed, frauds perpetrated, murders planned, hostages taken, MacGuffin's traded, unholy alliances confirmed, swashes buckled, alibis established, heroes hunted, arcane portals opened, documents forged, fates sealed, plots hatched, kittens eaten, and more than one dangerous liason consumated.

Pinky's Valentine Juice

Happy Valentine's Day

Pinky Diablo has sold over 7,250 Valentine’s cards at Dolly Python’s the last few weeks! (Well, he is prone to exaggeration.) He is sending you this heads-up on a new delivery of Valentine cards and art available when Dolly opens the doors Tuesday morning. Imagine your loved ones’ delight when you give them boxes of melted chocolate, fake diamonds, and a hand drawn Pinky D card! (Cards are ONLY $3.)

(If you forward this message to your friends, they’ll know what to get you for Valentine’s!)

Cards have sentiments like:
You give me a heart attack.
In hell, the chocolate grows hair.
You have my heart on a string.

Dolly Python
1716 N. Haskell Ave.
Dallas, TX
Tues-Sat 11AM-6PM
Sun 1-5