May 28, 2007

Pinky's Patron is an Urban Terrorist Artist

Pinky's patron, J. Brightenbetter, has rigged her Cadillac to squirt paint from the under-carriage at the touch of a button. Miss Better drives around and colors the streets of her beloved city. Sometimes she lets Pinky ride shotgun and man the controls.

Pinky Diablo's First Album

Pinky's Yard Sale

Printing Error

Subtitle should read: ...and all men were his prawns

May 20, 2007

Pinky Cooks the World's Largest Chicken Fried Steak

It takes a lotta gravy to make Miss Love happy.

Nadine Should be Ashamed of Herself

Nadine mailed Pinky this poem (typed on her 1962 Remington) and picture of herself upon hearing of the death of Jerry Fallwell.

There is no Heaven
Nor a Hell
to accept the spirit
of Jerry Falwell.

The fat fuck.

One of Many Departments at Diablo Inc.

Send Off Now for Your Packet of Meat Chrysanthemum Seeds

Diablo Inc. has genetically combined ground meat and flowers. Pinky is in negotiations with McDonalds to create a new burger.

Pinky will be at Every Walmart Tonite at 7PM to Sign Copies of His Newest Non-Fiction Parable

May 13, 2007

Pinky's Bad Worm

Pinky's Dream

He dreamed he and Miss Love were pollarded oaks happily close to each other in a land far away. (Miss Love will think this is a nightmare.)

Who Ate Pinky's Ice Cream?

May 10, 2007

Do You Really Know Pinky?

If you know Pinky, you know he loves pollarded trees almost more than life itself. (Click on title to learn more.)

Pinky Wouldn't Open a Door with a Sign Like This

May 5, 2007

Nadine's Thoughts are Entering Pinky's Mind

Here is the nightclub she used to work in as a young woman. She has been thinking about it lately, and it 's been stuck in Pinky's head all day.

Nadine is an Embarrassment to Pinky

Nadine and two of her friends set up some ridiculous show of silliness in front of Pinky's latest place of business. They swayed back and forth on long poles shouting, "PINK-EEE, STINK-EEE!" Pinky will surely lose his job again.

May 3, 2007

Of Course God has a Refrigerator

That's where the angels keep the ambrosia.