June 16, 2009

Dame Elizabeth Marchbasket

Famed Dame Elizabeth has agreed to come out of a lengthy seclusion to design the costumes for Pinky's opera, The Zoo Keeper's Lament. Dame Elizabeth was a powerhouse designer in the 1940's .

June 14, 2009

The Cows and the Peaches: a Little Ditty by Bruce Balentine and Pinky Diablo from 1970

Almost 40 years ago, nine year-old Pinky came up with the idea for a song, and his musician neighbor collaborated with him to create The Cows and the Peaches. It was recorded in 1970 in the Electronic Music Lab at North Texas late one night by Bruce, Jim and Douglas Balentine. Pinky and Bruce are working together on Pinky's latest opera, The Zoo Keeper's Lament. (Still looking for our wealthy patroness!)