October 31, 2007

Pinky Would Go to This Church!

Obsessive Thoughts

Pinky can't stop thinking about the one-armed zoo keeper. Armchair psychoanalysts, please feel free to comment.

October 28, 2007

Zoo Keeper's Lament


Sometimes when Pinky puts on his "thinking" boa and takes his pet chicken out to the field for some serious thinking, he feels an evil presence.

October 27, 2007

Pinky has Proof that Death Can't Draw Very Well

History Lesson

Granny D insisted on going to England to see what it felt like to be Queen Elizabeth I. Pableau X was less excited to play her Robert Dudley.


October 24, 2007

Job Opportunities

Diablo Inc. is searching for 40 Pinky lookalikes to head parade teams in all parts of the country. Two additional positions are available in Guam as well.

October 21, 2007

Pinky Diablo: Venture Capitalist

Pinky is bankrolling Miss Love and Nadine's new business.

October 12, 2007

One of Pinky's Best Days

Today was a good day for Pinky.

He was up at 5 AM and put in four hours of shoveling at the zoo.
He stopped by the hospital and picked up 3 lunches and chocolate cake.
Lunch with Miss Love and K.C.
K.C. dressed Pinky as Charles Darwin and had him pose all afternoon.
Here are the scenes Pinky posed for:

Charles Darwin looks at a bone
C.D. feels an earthquake under his feet
C.D. recoils in horror when faced with cruelty to African slaves
C.D. sketches under a tree
C.D. examines a chicken skeleton in his cabin on the Beagle
A dragonfly on C.D.'s nose
C.D. is distraught over a letter from his wife worried about his soul
C.D. is taught a thing or two about finches by Mr. Gould
C.D. awakens from a terrible nightmare
Christmas Eve, 1835, C.D. watches a volcanic eruption from the deck of the beagle
Various shots of C.D. looking at plants, insects and various items
C.D. wanders in the woods with a lantern

K.C. and Pinky had Mexican Food and Shiner Beer.
Pinky took a bath with his hairless dog Sharkey.
Can you beat that?

Subtitled: Don't Look--Here They Come!

Stalking Pinky

Every day this mysterious woman spends all morning in front of the Okapi exhibit.

Bookkeeping Error

Why are there 3,029 brides in Pinky's 1950 line-up but only 3, 028 grooms?

If You'd Have Known Pinky as a Boy....

You'd have wanted to kick the precious right out of him

October 10, 2007

Nadine has been Dressing Pinky's Toads

Pinky and Miss Love have found dressed toads all over their property. If you see Nadine, please tell her that Pinky is upset that they don't seem to wear ties on Sundays. And Jesus wept.

Nadine's First Real Job

Nadine worked as a hat check girl at the local nightclub. She often found herself crying under piles of coats, having dropped all the tickets on her floor.

Self Portrait as Monkey

Pinky has Hired a Personal Nurse to Follow Him Around at His New Job as Zookeeper

October 6, 2007

Pinky Receives Honorary Degree from SMU

To counterbalance the George Bush Presidentional Library at SMU, the university regents have decided to award Pinky Diablo an honorary docorate in Animal Behavior and Zoological Exhibit Design. Pinky's degree has earned him more respect at the zoo (though no raise yet). He has been working on a series of new exhibits which will be completed by next spring. One of the exhibits will be Miss Love Kisses Her Zebu. Miss Love will appear live Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 4:PM. The rest of the time there will be a wax model of her.

Join Pinky's Thursday Night Support Group and Knitting Bee for Men with Severe Psychological Problems and Vintage Suit Fetishes

Nadine has Always been Very Secretive

Hanuman Beaton and his Collection of Pinky Diablo Art

Hanuman Beaton is Pinky's childhood friend and lifelong confidant. (Little Hanuman's parents were liberal beatniks--thus the name.) Hanuman, now a secret computer programmer for various nefarious agencies, has created a private Pinky Diablo art museum. He has a huge collection of drawings, painting and sculptures from Pinky that Pinky was unaware of. Apparently Hanuman started stealing Pinky's classroom note doodles in high school. He raided Pableau X and Granny D's underwear drawers where Pinky's childhood drawings were always kept. Most of the art that Pinky has ever sold has turned out to be bought by agents of Hanuman. Hanuman recently told Pinky about this collection. No one other than Hanuman and his closest associates have ever seen these hidden masterpieces. Pinky is trying to raise money to hire Blackwater to "acquire" this collection back from Hanuman. If you would like to help, please send a quarter to Pinky Diablo in an unmarked envelope (Don't give your name because he is planning to run for public office soon and doesn't want to be beholden to big business.)

Hitchhikin' Momma

When Nadine was six, she woke up before sunrise on Easter Sunday. She rode her tricycle to the interstate where she hid it under a bush. In her pretty pink Easter coat with pink fur trim she managed to hitchhike to three different nearby towns where she loaded up on candy eggs put out the night before by loving parents. She hitched a ride back to her tricycle and headed home. When she got there, the local sheriff had already set up a search team to look for little Nadine. As much as they begged and pleaded, Nadine never told her parents what had happened or where she had been. She was sick for days after all the chocolate she had eaten on the road. Nadine has always had a soft spot for truckers ever since.

October 5, 2007

Drawing a Large Animal

Pinky started drawing on his lunch hour. When he gets as good as this he might have to change jobs.

A Glitter of Putrescence

PAbleau X's Next Door Neighbor

When Pableau X was a young boy in Oklahoma, there was a neighbor lady named Sidney Rodeo. Pableau X was fascinated with her. She smoked huge cigars and made little peanut pies for him. She told him her first husband was a tornado and her second was Cheatin' personified. She told little Pableau X that she'd as soon marry a pie as another man.

Nine Months Before Pinky's Amazing Birth

Pinky has been searching for reasons why he is so drawn to the zoo. March 17 is Pinky's birthday. Pinky found this picture of Granny D (middle), her mother, and three of her aunts at the Memphis Zoo.