December 28, 2008

December 25, 2008

A Shout Out

Merry Christmas to the GilmerMetcalves from Pinky and his menagerie.

Pinky's Christmas Wish

Pinky used an internet translator to translate his christmas wish from one language to another then back to English:

Pinky wishes that all the children of the world could enjoy his deviled eggs.

Rose souhaiter thanksggiving toutes les enfants de les mondial pouvions prendre plaisir à son démon oeufs.

Pinky vota ut totus liberi of orbis terrarum iacio utor suus diabolus eggs.

Garofano voti quando intero bambini del mondiale verso lancio verso uso suo diavolo uovi.

Rozig vows wanneer doet wettisch kinderen van naar de wereld - wijd vandoor waterdruppel vandoor voorhebben zijn voort grond eierschaal.

Pink vows whenever does stringent children with the worldwide wide run away drop run away wear one's onwards soil eggshell.

December 18, 2008

Miss Love Cooks Once a Year

You should see the gravy she makes to go with this.

December 16, 2008

Pinky's Pond

Pinky spends hours a day up to his nostrils in his stock pond trying to lure turtles onto his bald head. He has his reasons.

The Leader of the Modern World

Pinky's PhD

Pinky was awarded a PhD in Shakespearean Analysis for his contoversial disertation on the weaknesses of Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet. In this one and a half page masterpiece of psychological literary sleuthing, Pinky deftly argues that all Ophelia's foibles come from the fact that she had no mother to make her the staple dish of Danish childhood, pære hund salat.

Dirty Little Secret

Pinky has discovered that Nadine has been sneaking off to the shores of Lake Bardwell and acting out Greek myths by the light of the moon in her birthday suit. Here's proof.

The Ear with Which God Hears Your Prayers

Selfish and ridiculous prayers are exuded back out of the ear in the form of a thick. pink ooze that falls to earth and causes much unhappiness.

Pinky Loves Movies

Pinky often finds old movie posters and inserts his name in the starring role. Then he makes his friends watch the movie while constantly nagging, "Aren't I great in this one?! Huh? Whatdya think?

December 14, 2008

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Even Pinky's long suffering mother, Granny D, didn't believe her own son made this spoon. "Every picture on your blog came from my camera," she wailed. That is an outright falsehood. Some came from Nadine's Flickr account.

Doubting Thomas and the Name Brand Soda

One of Pinky's Shakespeare director friends commented," I like that this envisions the grief that must have preceded the blankness."

December 10, 2008

Holiday Gift Ideas

Pinky's infamous skeleton watercolors on old book covers are now for sale at

December 7, 2008

Chair Fetish

Pinky's first (of many) religious conversions had the additional consequence of leaving him with a life-long fetish for a finely turned chair leg.

Diablo Inc.'s New State Fair Martini

At his latest art opening, Pinky invented this delightful new cocktail.

November 27, 2008

On Not Eating Meat

1)Those animals have been our parents.
2)All kinds of animal meats mix together even with dogs.
3)The impure smells of animals are not good for eating.
4)Dogs usually bark at meat-eater.
5)Meat-eaters have no mercy.
6)Meat-eaters do not have a good reputation.
7)All incantations cannot function out.
8)It causes many animals to be killed.
9)God and good ghosts do not like meat-eaters.
10)Bad smells come from their mouths.
11)Meat-eaters have bad dreams.
12)Tigers follow their bad smell and kill them.
13)Meat-eaters have no limitation of gluttony.
14)Meat-eating cuts the renunciation of the practitioner.
15)Meat-eaters may sometimes eat one's own children of past lives.

Pinky's Phrase of the Day

"It is he who has roasted that."

Pinky Feed Miss Love a Little Bite

Terrible People

November 26, 2008

Does God Hear the Prayers of Medical Dummies?

That's what Pinky thinks, too. That's why he is starting his new hospital outreach program.

Pinky's New Autobiography is Chock Full of Typos

Nadine's Nocturnal Wanderings

Neighborhood chickens have been found without their heads. Nadine, have you been sleep walking again?

Apocalypse Cow

November 25, 2008

Third Horseman of the Apocalypse

Pinky's New Coloring Book

The Diablo Inc. marketing dept. has sent sample pages to nursing homes, AA meetings, and high level KKK members. Wider distribution is set for 2012.

Diablo Inc.'s New High School for the Performing Arts

To counteract all the god damn High School Musical I, II, III, IV (ad infinitum) crap in the world today, Pinky has put his money where his mouth is and funded a high school for the performing arts to bring real culture back to our country. Here the boys are pictured in their gym class (Hamlet gym togs designed by Nadine.) Notice several cigarettes in class.

Nadine Has Invited Pinky to a Thanksgiving Picnic

Pinky's Brain is Like an Empty Street in the Dead of Winter

Pinky's Alter Ego in Dallas Show Next Week

The Answer to Question #3

November 17, 2008

Pinky has Fond Memories of His Grandfather's Bedroom

There were two single beds, a fluorescent reading light that flickered, a deer's head, and a sock monkey on the dresser. Pinky thought it was very manly. Pinky's grandmother slept in another room.