October 31, 2008

Letter to Pinky

Dear Pinky, Thanks for the letters. Here's a new head shot. I'll work on the dreams. Love, J

Note to Jesus

Dear Jesus--Lesson learned! Thanks for bringing the red back to Pinky. (Can you please stop sending Pinky dreams like the one above?)

October 28, 2008

Pinky Diablo: Wallpaperer to the Stars

Pinky papered this lovely floral pattern for a private client. It took him days to line up just this one little area.

Letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus, I don't think you had anything to do with my computer crashing, and I want to thank you for Frey's sale pretty good sale on laptops (if you had anything to do with that). But I wondered if you were responsible for my latest problem. I am working on a borrowed computer, and after 1 day the red went out on the monitor. You may know that I have a blog that kinda relies on the visual pun of everything being pink (or pinkish). But now I can't tell whether pictures I steal off of the internet are pink or not (actually, some of the pics are mine). Since I suspect you are trying to tell me something, I have decided to pass my color problems on to my readers. Until my new laptop falls from heaven (via Fry's), I am taking out all the color in any picture I post. Maybe this will help both me and bored internet surfers learn the important lesson you have for me. Until then, Pinky's world shall remain colorless. Yours Truly,--PD

P.S. The windmill grass that blew through here last week was truly a miraculous sight. Good job!

October 26, 2008

Pinky Lost Your Address

Pinky's laptop hard drive blew up this week-end taking with it all of Pinky's stories, password files and the address of the lovely viewer who was requesting to purchase a piece titled: In Hell's Garden There is Only One Dead Blade of Glass. Please send Pinky your info again--His people are working on retrieving the lost info, but it looks grim. (tomfsale@hughes.net)

October 25, 2008

Chicken Fetish

You may recognize this tiny chicken from a previous post. Pinky sculpted this tiny raw chicken from Fimo while waiting for Miss Love at the pedicure parlor. It is not for sale, but Pinky has received so much interest in these that mass production will start soon. Move over, Bo Pilgrim--a new chicken king is in town!

Welcome to the Pinky Diablo Flatland Zoo

Diablo Family Shame

In 1942 after he had been married 9 times, Uncle Poot moved in with a "bachelor" friend. They spent many years together modeling for the meat industry.

Last Night Pinky Dreamed He was Touched by the Left Hand of God

October 19, 2008

Diablo Inc.'s Quality Contol Factory

Here all the insect parts and pubic hairs are removed from the pages of freshly printed books. Happy reading.

Miss Love Spends Hours Looking Out the Window at Her Zebu Cattle

Pinky's Dirty Little Secret

Finally, Pinky has settled with the zoo, and he can now talk about why he left. However, Pinky plans on keeping quiet to protect the bear's feelings.

October 17, 2008

Pinky's Prerogative

Like God in the old testament, Pinky reserves the right to change his mind. Several hundred blog entries ago, Pinky set forth his treatise on only looking at the bottom 6 inches of any painting. He stands by this philosophy unless there is meat in the painting (or an image of the Pinkster himself).

Pinky Needs Meat

Pinky Diablo and Nadine called a rare truce and went to the Impressionist show at the Kimbell Museum today. Pinky hadn't told Nadine about his ban against looking at paintings without meat in them until they paid for their tickets. Nadine led Pinky throught the show with his eyes closed until they came upon this masterpiece by Gustave Caillebotte. It turns out that Caillebotte is Pinky's new hero--he painted several butcher shop images and some great plucked chickens. Fuck Manet!

October 16, 2008

An Enbarrassing Moment from Nadine's Life

Pinky's Vegetarian Art Appreciation Students are in for a Rude Shock

Pinky has decided to only look at and discuss paintings with meat in them. (Pinky has taken to dancing around the classroom yelling, "Meat is murder! Bite Me!")

October 12, 2008

Uncle Poot and His 9th Wife

Uncle Poot said she made all her clothes out of leftover car upholstery. She left him because she said he was a goat.

Pinky's Laptop

Vegetarians got hold of Pinky's laptop and defaced it. Pinky likes it!

The 7th Gate of Hell

(or inside Birdie's mouth)

October 10, 2008

The Ending of Pinky's Version of Pandora's Box

As she sliced the pods, she imagined them as swollen slimy worms. Each portioned segment seemed to wiggle in its own slime on the cutting board. Dora was disgusted at this hallucination, but was compelled to continue. Now lightning and thunder were shaking the windows and thick drops began to fall on the roof with a not-so-sweet plop. The okra pieces were rolled in cornmeal while the cast iron pot on the stove sizzled with grease. Dora prided herself on clean, fresh lard, but this batch was dark and sour and spattered like the not-so-sweet rain plops. The raindrops were turning into a curtain of water enveloping the house. The grease smoked and bubbled. Dora scooped the okra up with her hands and dropped them in the oil all at once. She was knocked back from the stove by leaping fingers of fire and squeals like piglets drowning. A flaming plague of affliction poured into the air. Charred bits of Envy and Malice and Spite and Revenge filled the kitchen with an unbearable odor as they struggled to escape from the windows now shattering from both Hail and Fire and Hatred. Onto beautiful Dora splattered Gout and Boils and Hemorrhoids. Stress and Rheumatism were Hatred’s filthy handmaidens. Dora was buried with the Evils of the world before they escaped into the garden and of course the county and world beyond. She realized a horror beyond imagination had been unleashed on her fellow citizens—how could so little okra contain such Wrath and Pestilence. How could her small disobedience lead to such Despair and Grief. Suddenly the rain and thunder stopped. Dora tiptoed to the stove, which was now covered in grease and filth and stench, and looked into the pot. The grease was gone. Most of the okra was gone. But at the very bottom, against the side, was one perfectly fried piece of okra—delicately browned, crisp, but with a jewel-toned green shining through the cornmeal. Dora knew that soon her husband would return, followed by the Sumners and the citizens of the county in tow—Angry. Afflicted. Maimed. Destroyed. In that one final moment of private regret, she popped into her mouth the most delicious fried morsel of okra she had ever tasted or tasted since.

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say, Don't Say Anything at All

More Dinnertime Details at the Diablo Home

After Pinky eats his macaroni and cheese (while his dog Sharky looks on), Miss Love massages his stomach.

Dinnertime at Pinky's

October 8, 2008

From God's Mouth to Pinky's Ears

Horrifying Investor News from the Forest

Pinky was horrified today as he drove to various appointments today. On Wednesdays he puts a lot of miles on his old clunker. Today he started worrying after the fourth dead raccoon. Usually he only sees one or two on his route, but by late afternoon he had counted over 21 dead raccoons on the side of the road. He is sure they are investors who have lost big on Wall Street this week and have flung themselves in front of oncoming traffic.

October 6, 2008


On Pinky's latest trip to Tuscany, a miracle name appeared in the morning dew on his hotel room window.

October 1, 2008

Uncle Poot was a Serious Man

Poor Uncle Poot was an drunk and a ne'er-do-well. But he was delighted whenever two similar patterns or colors overlapped or butted up against on another. He could stare at his light yellow polyester pants for hours if he accidentally dropped a dollop of butter on his crotch.

Pinky has Presided Over Some Odd Funerals