July 30, 2006

Miss Love's New Zebu Birthing Pavillion

AARP Not Jiggy Wid It

Why would AARP send a person a membership card with their name and expiration date? They are a more powerful lobby than Pinky ever imagined. (And yes, that's Pinky Diablo's actual membership card.)

July 29, 2006

Psychic Pinhole Photography by Granny D

From where do you think Pinky gets his psychic gifts!?

Pinky Sins, Too

Pinky realizes it was wrong to buy the booklet, The Essence of Buddhism, and the dyed pink fox face at the same shop. He simply couldn't pass up the chance at such delicious, sacriligious irony.

Shut Up, You Guys! God Can't Pay His Bills with All That Noise!

July 28, 2006

July 27, 2006

Pinky Diablo's Dirty Socks Attract Moths

Pinky D had Some Complaints About His Previous Method of Baptism

For those so inclined, he can arrange for a log flume baptism at Six Flags.

This is What Pinky's Colonoscopy Found

A Rose by Any Other Name...

Miss Love begged not to allow this picture of her insides to be publically viewed. Pinky argued that for his stance on intelligent design, he had to show it. Miss Love was silent.

Granny D was Unhappy with Pinky's Last Posting of a Hot Water Heater and Insisted on Having Him Come Over and Photograph Hers

Do One Thing and Do It Well

Pinky can draw a corny dog in less than 3 seconds.

July 25, 2006

Never Mention "Waffle House" to Pinky

What's in YOUR file?

Not on Pinky's Time Card!

Tonight on PD TV

See Mutton Chop, the world's fattest whirling dervish, perform at the Diablo Inc. Roller Derby Palace.

July 24, 2006

Cotton Candy is the Devil's Most Ingenious Invention

It holds the pure essence of unobtainable hope along with its inherhent suffering, all while looking like a beautiful cloud on a stick. (see several earlier posts about the misery of cotton candy.)

Pinky's First Interview Question with Jesus

Q: What disappoints you most in people.
A: When they play with their food.

Pinky's Exclusive Interview with Jesus Airs Tonite!

Where the Grass Meets the Ass

The Condenser Coil on Pinky's Dream Catcher Froze Up

That's why Pinky couldn't remember his dreams this morning. He has called the AC/Shaman guy.

July 23, 2006

Another Feat of Engineering Marvel by Diablo Inc.

For those in mortal fear of where the ocean meets the shore.

Holiday Sewer Log

Send off today for Pinky's recipe for Holiday Sewer Log. In commemoration of Pinky's dream last night in which he became an honorary deputy for the city's water and sanitation dept. He was so excited, that he jumped out of bed this morning and invented this amazing cake. Miss Love was beside herself!

Afterlife Care from Diablo Inc.

Planning on seeing this view soon? Let Diablo Inc. plan your funeral and beyond. We can arrange for perpetual graveside wailing, readings from the classics or stock market reports slipped into your casket through Diablo Inc.'s patent-pending Grave Tube. Any small flat items such as letters or sandwiches can be slipped into the charcoal lined tube that connects this world to that world. (The charcoal helps that world's smell from travelling back up the tube to this world.) We can also outfit any coffin with internet access, expresso machines, ipods, or any other special requests. For example: Diablo Inc. recently buried a well-known philanathropist with state of the art two-way television monitors and non-stop theramin music. His grieving widow and family are simply beside themselves with emotion as they watch him enjoy his afterlife!


Diablo Inc. is a non-demoninational employer. While you may detect an Eastern leaning lately, this too shall pass. Soon, Pinky will land back on his feet in the firmly fundamentalist landscape of the Bible Belt, where he was born, raised, born again, escaped, returned, born yet again, and finally where he is resigned to live out the rest of his lives. The simple answer (to many things!) is that he prefers Pho with tripe over chicken fried steak.


If you think the road goes on forever and the party never ends, you need talk to the Buddha.

It's Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature

Or Brother Pinky!

Diablo Inc.'s Engineering Dept's Latest Project

Bridge to nowhere with pink bathroom

July 22, 2006