November 30, 2007

Overheard Phrase of the Day

Pinky overheard one Dallas socialite say to the other: "Once you've seen one ossuary, you've seen'em all." (Please do not contact Diablo Inc. to ask where Pinky could possibly come in contact with Dallas socialites. He's a lot more well connected than you might imagine.)

God (right) and an Unidentified Helper Put the Finishing Touches on the World

November 29, 2007

Fun in the Elephant House

What happens at the zoo, stays at the zoo.

The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Although Pinky has worked over 75 hours this week at the zoo and teaching night classes, he has somehow found time to embroider a quilt with 100 euphemisms for the male and female genitalia.

Pinky D Prays for Every Dead Bird Around the World

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A bomb hidden in a box of birds killed 13 people and wounded 57 at a popular pet market in central Baghdad on Friday, police and witnesses said, describing the deadliest attack in the Iraqi capital in two months. Body parts were strewn among bird carcasses as bystanders piled victims into carts and rushed them to ambulances after the blast at the Ghazil pet market, which was crowded at the time. The pet market, a popular weekend spectacle, sells a colorful range of creatures from guard dogs and monkeys to parrots, pigeons and tropical fish. Bystanders and stallholders covered their noses with masks because of the stench after the bombing.

November 23, 2007

Look on the Left

Here is a shot inside of Granny D's cabinet. Pinky made the feathered object on the left over 35 years ago. He gathered cedar wax wing feathers and stuck them into wet clay then pressed some of Granny D's jewelry around the edges to create a lovely pattern. Since this objet d'art couldn't be fired, Pinky coated it in several layers of clear fingernail polish. If Granny D kept this all these years, imagine what else she has saved.

Diablo Inc. Creates New Species

Pinky has contaminated his mini zebu herd with some zoo germs but Miss Love is happy with her little cheetah calf.

November 22, 2007

Pinky's Hairless Dog, Sharky, Admires Pinky's Fleshless Chicken, HoJo

Counting and Forgetfulness

On Oct. 28 Pinky obviously counted a lot of something. The only problem is he can't remember what! From empirical deduction, Pinky is sure it is not fire ant bites received, dollars donated, or dead meercats in the freezer (there were only 13). If you have any idea, please call the Diablo Inc. offshore feline call center.

The Subconscious and St. Francis

Now that Pinky works at the zoo, his dreams are becoming more like his art, and both his dreams and art are more like his daily reality. Pinky enjoys this integration .

November 21, 2007

Pinky's Zoo Dream

Pinky dreamed he created a new exhibit at the zoo. It consisted of giant dining room furniture (three times normal size). The huge walls had a flowery patterned wallpaper. Every ten minutes a little monkey wearing a dress would be let out of a trap door in the wall. The monkey knew what what coming and would start running. Then a lumbering rhino would be let out of another door and tear after the frightened little monkey. Pinky was the zoo keeper in charge of changing the monkey's dress after every chase. the monkey liked the lavender polka-dotted dress with the matching rumba panties.

November 19, 2007

Cat Bird Seat

Pinky D is T.I.R.E.D.

He has stayed awake for days on end trying to photograph his elusive house. He finally captured this image in his bathroom. What is not immediately recognizable is the watermelon yarmulke on top of the bell jar. Nadine brought this back for Pinky from some trip she took trying to broker a deal between Chinese undergarment manufacturers and some New Jersey mob boss.

Pinky's is an Awesome Responsibility

November 17, 2007

Pinky's Already Packed for His Trip to Visit Zoos of Italy

He's heard there's a fabulous abandoned elephant house in the Rome zoo.

Pinky Always Gets the Worst Fortunes

November 16, 2007

Inside the Drawer Next to Pinky's Armchair

Pinky keeps all his cartoons that have been rejected by the New Yorker here. (Along with a few rose petals with handprints of the devil on them. You can purchase one by calling Diablo Inc.'s offshore feline call center.)

Pinky's a Photographer

Due to a large number of complaints about the lack of real photos by Pinky, Pinky will be using only his original photography for the next week. He has spent most of the day trying to find interesting things to shoot around his boring house. Here is a tiny chair on his Great Pyrennes' abdomen.

Pink Prayer to God (and Readers) about Hate

Here is a post from a couple of years ago. Pinky is too busy this morning planning for this evening's pancake and margarita supper for some secret organization that he can't be bothered with creativity:

Dear God and Pink Listeners, (Actually, Pinky's gonna go out on a limb here (since he's obviously not on speaking terms with The Man) and make this a prayer just to the followers of himself.

Here's an idea. Since God doesn't seem to be making the pink changes Pinky has so respectfully requested, he thinks the humans of this celestial plane need to take charge. Now, living here in Texas, he knows that there is still an active KKK. He does not know anyone who is a member, but feels if he tried hard enough, he could root a couple up (call in some chips, if you know what he means!). Also, Pinky suspects that modern klansmen might not be into the robes as much as they used to be. But he thinks they are still out there and possibly still worn on secret occasions. What if each of you snuck into one klansman's house with a tub of Rit dye and colored his robe pink? It would almost be as good as if God did this and scared the beejeebus out of the racist bastard. In fact, it would be better, because God is not playing this pink game. Pinky realizes there may some legal issues here, but Pinky is a big fan of social disobedience when necessary. And face it, seeing klansmen swishing around in pink outfits is somehow very satisfying! If you feel you cannot participate for practical reasons (not knowing who's KKK and who's not, or fear of getting your head blown off by an automatic weapon), then Pinky suggests you spend a few minutes of your daily meditation imagining that you are doing this. Remember, PRAYER CHANGES THINGS! Before you know it, you will be giggling to yourself, walking with a lighter step, and exuding a pink love of the world. Thanks for your love and understanding. Your humble servant, Secretary to P. Diablo, Miss Paulina Heffengreiner

Happy Birthday, Nadine

Even though Pinky and Nadine are not on speaking terms this week (a story much to long to explain in Pinky's concise and to-the-point blog), he gave her a birthday present. The problem was that the diet pills were such a pretty color, and Pinky was worried that he had bad breath ( he was on his way to work for J. Brightenbetter for the afternoon). Needless to say, they did not help his breath--in fact he gagged as he chewed the first four. By the time he got to Nadine's apartment, there were only eight left. He left a note saying that she could put mouse turds in the empty cells and sell them as holy relics in her mini-mall booth she has to rent in order to make some spending money. (Pinky doesn't judge, he just describes.)

November 15, 2007

November 11, 2007

Pinky Hates Shakespeare

Pinky was forcibly kidnapped last night and made to perform several scenes of Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Macbeth. Pinky's Nick Bottom was well received. Pinky woke up this morning with his zoo uniform around his ankles. He doesn't plan on telling anybody about this.


Pinky had a blurry dream that he couldn't quite remember the next day.

Nadine's Family Problems

Nadine never displayed any photo of her mother without defacing it in one manner or another.

November 6, 2007

Nadine is Going to Build Her Own House

Pinky has called the sheriff at least 10 times. Nadine refuses to wear protective gear.

November 5, 2007

Another Nightmare

Trying to outrun the devil.

November 3, 2007

Diablo Inc.'s Wedding Cakes n Mo'

Pinky's latest wedding cake commission included this marzipan lifesized infant. Pinky can't show you here what the groom's cake looked like.

It's Gonna be Mano a Mano, Hombre!

November 2, 2007