July 30, 2005

Pinky's Alter Ego, Tom Sale, exhibits in Galveston

Here's a piece from the latest show at Buchanan Gallery in Galveston. See buchanangallery.com for more work by Tom Sale.

Pinky for sale or rent!

Pinky and his trailer are available for your next party. Visits as little as $50! (T-shirts, flea circus, custom limericks, cotton candy and/or insults, are extra!)
Email: tomfsale@direcway.com

Trailer for sale or rent! Rooms to let...

If you ask real nice, Pinky'll show you his tattoo!

Check out fancherloveranch.com for tiny cow info

Pinky's wife loves real tiny cows!


Pinky Sez:
If it's pink and quacks, don't touch it! Call a professional!

If you're a Pinky fan, you've seen this one!

Pinky Diablo was having trouble with possums in the pea patch and set a trap. Instead of a possum, Pinky found Satan's foot stuck in the trap (along with the rest of Mr. Beelzebub!). Pinky and Satan wrestled all morning and into the evening. As pink storm clouds piled up on the horizon, Pinky finally managed to get Satan locked into the little Pink shack. But what is he going to with the Devil locked in his house?

July 29, 2005

Pinky the Bear knew something was up by the look on the school childrens' faces.

July 28, 2005

Pinky D-ism 7-29:
Pinky Diablo is always willing to lend a helping pink hand!

Pink Story

Lot took Pinky D to Odessa to pick up a junker 1961 Valiant. (Pinky had a trailer and a come-along). On their hurried trip back to the city, Lot told Pinky NOT to look back on the greatness that was West Texas. Pinky D, being the devil that he was, couldn’t resist temptation. (If this were another story, and Pinky D had been a cat, he would still have 8 lives left.) Poor Pinky D was turned into a frozen statue of salt 12 miles east of Midland on a huge salt flat. Lot took pity on poor, stiff, white Pinky D and painted him in natural colors. You can still see it off to the left when YOU go to Odessa. If you lick it, you can taste the saltiness!

Past Pinky D-ism


Past Pinky D-ism

Today’s Pinky D-ism:
Outer space is no place for a person of breeding.

Old Pinky D-ism and story

Minds of moderate caliber ordinarily condemn everything which is beyond their range.
Warning: Pinky Diablo recently found the sixth finger of one of the people for whom he performed a funeral service. The family apparently was unaware of the digit’s existence and/or, in their time of grieving, failed to inform Pinky of the fact. This is not good! All of you needs to be buried for the funeral to “take.” A special finger ceremony will have to be performed unless the family is willing to live with the possibility of a digital specter visitation. Please be aware of this during any “pre-needs” consultation you may have with Pinky D. (The family’s name is being withheld to respect their privacy and their genetic malformation.)

Pinky Story

Pinky D predicts the end of the word!
I know the end is near because I have SEEN proof. When traveling home from Houston with my pretty artist friend C****, we saw a RAT running along the highway in the right-hand lane parallel to traffic. This was north of Houston near the monstrosity of a mall that is based on Venice (I’m sure my friend Jesus wept when it was built)… Anyhoo, when the rats have to commute from Houston to Conroe via I-45, something is wrong in the world. SINNERS REPENT! (please email Pinky a list of all your most interesting sins and he will try to forgive you. If he can’t, he will pass them on either to his higher-ups or the local press.) A word of caution: If you don’t confess, you may be excommunicated from the Pinky D e-mail club!

Pinky D-ism from the past

Pinky D-ism of the day:
(Believe it or not this came in an unsolicited Levitra email!):If you are a terror to many, then beware of many.(So, be nice and take your Levitra.)

Pinky D-ism from the past

PINKY D-ISM for the day:
WARNING!: Mummified squirrels found in abandoned churches may cause nightmares. (from personal experience)

Pinky D-ism from the past

Pinky D-ism of the Day:
Better to get a pedicure from the devil than eat divinity out of the ass of an angel.

Pinky D-ism from the past

Pinky D-ism of the day:
“Life is like trying to crochet a sweater for your stillborn premature goat only to find that you can’t do it and it’s turning into a crocheted pink fluffy vagina ‘pocket pal’.” (Based on true Pinky D experience this week.)

What kind of freak do you think the Walmart cashier thought I was showing up coughing, limping, and filthy buying 1 porterhouse steak, 1 potato, a 12-pack of shiner, 1 skein of fluffy pink yarn and one crochet hook?!
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