January 26, 2007

SMU and Pinky Diablo

Another faith-based group has launched a campaign to stop the Pinky Diablo Library from being built at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

Hope for Peace & Justice, a faith-based social justice organization based in Dallas, says it is concerned about the reputation of Dallas and the safety of local residents if the library and proposed think tank are built at SMU, as the "Pinky D Library will no doubt be a terrorist target,"said the Rev. Michael Piazza, president of Hope for Peace & Justice.

January 23, 2007

Tonight, George Bush Said We All Need "Kurge"

Where does one find this thing called Kurge? Does this piggy have Kurge? Pinky thinks it takes Kurge to balance so many things.

January 21, 2007

With All the Zebu Milling About, Pinky Knows He Would be at Home in Calcutta

Miss Love Can Never Pass Up a Used Fur Coat

Pinky has Genetically Engineered Pinky Broccoli

It's cute, but it tastes like shit.

It's Fashion Week in Milan!

And the new must-have for men is leggings. But nobody paid attention when Pinky declared leggings as a must-have in 1964 (at the age of 5).

Lance Ferngate was desperately trying to cadge some portion of Pinky Diablo's irresistible essence...

...but Pinky D told him to bug off and find his own enlightenment. (i.e. marshmallows)

January 18, 2007

They're Filming Pinky's Life Story in Bollywood!

Pinky Lives High on a Mountain Top

Make a pilgrimage to see him soon. As the saying goes,"On every height there lies repose."

Pinky's Philosophy

January 13, 2007

Even Your Own Feelings Can be Found on the Internet

Don't Let Them Separate You from Your Entrails

The Duchesse de Montpensier was the daughter of Louis XIII's younger brother, and thus first cousin to Louis XIV. As the oldest female of royal blood at court, she was called "Grande Mademoiselle." According to the custom of the time, when she died her heart was entombed in a chapel, while her entrails went into a sealed urn that was placed on a sideboard in the mourning room at Versailles, where pairs of noblewomen chosen by the king took turns watching over it round the clock. It was all done with exquisite taste; from the solemn major domo to the susurrating murmur of the nuns at prayer, the occasion exemplified punctilious court etiquette and stoic neoclassical grief.

Malheureusement, Grande Mademoiselle's badly embalmed entrails had fermented, producing enough gases to turn the sealed urn into a bomb. Suddenly there was a deafening explosion, followed by a hideous stench. Pandemonium erupted; ladies screamed, chevaliers fought each other to reach the doors, fleeing priests trampled doddering old marquises as, gasping for air, the mourners poured onto the lawns in abject panic.

When they found out what had happened they reverted to type. "All was perfumed and restored," writes Saint-Simon, "and the commotion was made light of."

January 11, 2007

Pinky + Sunrise

You know it's Photoshop when there are two things together that do not appear together in reality. (The Buddha would probably have something to say about this. By the way, do you imagine the Buddha with a laptop, ipod or cell phone? Pinky imagines him sending random philosophical emails but votes "no" on the latter two devices.)

January 10, 2007

Pinky's Considering Plastic Surgery

But he only has money for half. He can't decide which half to have done.

Pinky is Always Learning New Skills

As you may know, Pinky is working a few hours a week for a famous fabric artist. Today, Pinky learned how to embroider with natural pearls. He came home, dredged his stock tank, harvested some good ol' Texas pearls and whipped up this skull cozy. Now for sale on eBay buy-it-now for $31,900.

January 9, 2007

Pinky Diablo Reliquary

Pinky saved some sunburned skin off his arm, and his local church held 42 pancake supper fundraisers to raise the money to build a reliquary around it. (The arrow was Pinky's idea to make it seem more magical!)

Pinky Heard a Sad Little Story Today about a Skunk Family Who Met a Lonely Demise.

He cried all afternoon.

Pinky D's 5 Spinster Aunts Were Very Close


Yes, Pinky is aware of how a skeleton fits together. Diablo Inc. sends out a mass 'Thanks" to 100's of replies about Pinky's skeletal inaccuracies in his latest greeting card collection. So the director of marketing suggested that Pinky try this exercise: "Close your eyes and feel the bones down inside your flesh. With you eyes still closed, take a pencil and draw yourself from the inside out, starting with the iliac crest." As you can see by the results, Pinky is very in touch with his inner armature. Critics be damned!

January 8, 2007

Valentine's Day is Coming Soon

Run, don't walk, to Dolly Python's --1916 N. Haskell Ave, Dallas, TX (214 887-3434) and pick up a hand-drawn card from Pinky Diablo.

More Dead Dogs on Ebay

Search "Pinky Diablo" on eBay to find this image for sale. (Pinky's feeling bad about all the dead cats he painted in his Christmas paintings, because his own cat died at New Years. But after he meditated on it for a while, he realized that painting death in his tiny watercolors didn't cause any deaths, and, in fact, might get people to deal with their own mortality face to face. So go look in the mirror and try to see the skeleton under your mug. After all, it's held your flesh up for all these years--give it some credit!)

January 6, 2007

Praise Krishna!

Miss Love just had another bull calf born this morning! (Pinky swears he's not the father.)

Letter to Hazel

Dear Hazel, Be brave. Many complaints have surfaced about the anotomical inaccuracies of the Diablo brand skeleton--high waistedness, no scalupas, etc. Be brave. Art is worth it. Secondly, many of the older ladies here at Diablo Inc. (Pinky keeps them on the payroll, the way Hugh keeps bunnies) have older tattoos that have become a green blur. A TINY tattoo of a skeleton, however chic, will soon just look like a fattened tick. Be brave. A slightly larger version would, of course, delight the entire staff here at Diablo Inc. After ten years, flesh could be added. Ten years later-- clothing. Ten years later--a bouffant. This would, in effect, reverse the aging process and give the owner the freedom to change pesonalities throughout her lifetime (unlike the run-of-the-mill tattoo owner). Be brave. Extra fine sharpie tattoos might satisfy the tattoo urge. If not, Diablo Inc. will waive its usual copyright fee for you, dear Hazel. Be brave.