November 27, 2008

On Not Eating Meat

1)Those animals have been our parents.
2)All kinds of animal meats mix together even with dogs.
3)The impure smells of animals are not good for eating.
4)Dogs usually bark at meat-eater.
5)Meat-eaters have no mercy.
6)Meat-eaters do not have a good reputation.
7)All incantations cannot function out.
8)It causes many animals to be killed.
9)God and good ghosts do not like meat-eaters.
10)Bad smells come from their mouths.
11)Meat-eaters have bad dreams.
12)Tigers follow their bad smell and kill them.
13)Meat-eaters have no limitation of gluttony.
14)Meat-eating cuts the renunciation of the practitioner.
15)Meat-eaters may sometimes eat one's own children of past lives.

Pinky's Phrase of the Day

"It is he who has roasted that."

Pinky Feed Miss Love a Little Bite

Terrible People

November 26, 2008

Does God Hear the Prayers of Medical Dummies?

That's what Pinky thinks, too. That's why he is starting his new hospital outreach program.

Pinky's New Autobiography is Chock Full of Typos

Nadine's Nocturnal Wanderings

Neighborhood chickens have been found without their heads. Nadine, have you been sleep walking again?

Apocalypse Cow

November 25, 2008

Third Horseman of the Apocalypse

Pinky's New Coloring Book

The Diablo Inc. marketing dept. has sent sample pages to nursing homes, AA meetings, and high level KKK members. Wider distribution is set for 2012.

Diablo Inc.'s New High School for the Performing Arts

To counteract all the god damn High School Musical I, II, III, IV (ad infinitum) crap in the world today, Pinky has put his money where his mouth is and funded a high school for the performing arts to bring real culture back to our country. Here the boys are pictured in their gym class (Hamlet gym togs designed by Nadine.) Notice several cigarettes in class.

Nadine Has Invited Pinky to a Thanksgiving Picnic

Pinky's Brain is Like an Empty Street in the Dead of Winter

Pinky's Alter Ego in Dallas Show Next Week

The Answer to Question #3

November 17, 2008

Pinky has Fond Memories of His Grandfather's Bedroom

There were two single beds, a fluorescent reading light that flickered, a deer's head, and a sock monkey on the dresser. Pinky thought it was very manly. Pinky's grandmother slept in another room.

November 13, 2008

Pinky Loves Things with a Handle

Another Disciple of Christ with His Omnipresent Blackberry

Christ's Disciples Loved Soft Serve

Pinky's Scientific Study

At the risk of upsetting both Monet's ghost and lovers of overly sweetened paintings, Pinky is plugging ahead with his hypothesis that Monet's paintings are better with a warthog.

Monet's Worst Creation Becomes Pinky's Finest!

It's amazing what a little warthog can do for a bad work of art. Try it! (P.S. While all of Pinky's blog pics are taken by Pinky himself, this series is really his.)

Pinky Hates Mr. Monet

(So he's tearing up his Monet book and using the pages for collage.)

November 12, 2008

Pinky will be Finished with His Hamlet Obsession in Less Than 72 Hours. Deal with It.

Play Along with Pinky's New Game

What is in a 6 foot radius of where you are right now?
Pinky's answer:
a miniature stove
a dead gecko in a cassette box (on the miniature stove)
a hairless chinese crested dog (live)
cartoon underwear from New York
an image of a woman attacked by a lion (cut up into one inch squares)
an embroidery hoop
a monkey dress from the 1940's
Pinky's own baby shirts (he may dye them black and embroider "baby hamlet" on them)
Aleen's tacky glue
hundreds of pictures of fruit to use for collage
a tiny volkswagon running over a tiny penguin
Animal Keeper's Forum magazine
orange peels
empty frames

Hamlet and Toulouse-Latrec?!

Little Known Hamlet Fact

Ophelia is one of the tiniest moons in the solar system and orbits Uranus. Poor Ophelia has always gotten a bum rap.

November 10, 2008

The Best Part of Hamlet

Heaping Insult Upon Injury

Today Pinky was being tested by Jesus. He saw a white sedan with "Haliburton" painted on it. As Pinky looked closely to see his tax dollars at work, the driver began picking his nose vosiferously. The sight was so wrong in so many ways, Pinky decided it must be an angel heavensent to test his love for the human race. Pinky failed, and the angel kept picking his nose for several more minutes.

Pinky's Secret Hamlet Club

Although Pinky hates Shakespeare (always has, always will), he attends a monthly underground hit and run Shakespeare festival. This month is Hamlet, and it is to be performed under one of DFW's high-five overpasses by stealth of night and eye of newt. Pinky has created projections with which to delight and confuse passing motorists. Nadine and Pinky have watched 72 hours of horrid Hamlet movies this month in preparation. Pinky hopes Nadine can get a vacation day at the Bardwell Burger Barn.

Pinky and his Sweet Birdie Have Hit the Road Acting Out Scenes of Hamlet for Adoring Crowds

Gertrude and Claudius

Hamlet had no idea what his mother and his uncle were up to after the death of his father King Hamlet.

Pinky's Been Reading Hamlet Lately