August 29, 2008

Let Pinky be Your John (the Baptist)

Diablo Inc. occaisonally searches the internet for copyright infringements against Pinky. But they have now found a site that takes the cake. Here are some words and phrases associated with the good name of Pinky Diablo on a porno site: dead bird fetish, a man whose head had been pierced in one side and out the other injun arrow style by a weasel, Jack Nicholson, dunce cap, cartoon rats, hand job in a hot tub, Pinky's john, and the list goes on. The Diablo Inc. legal dept. is looking into closing this confusing internet site on which Pinky is not so subtly accused of prostitution. TO see this bizarre mishmash mention of odd characters and Pinky click HERE. (For credible information on hiring Pinky, please leave requests in comment area below.)