October 12, 2007

One of Pinky's Best Days

Today was a good day for Pinky.

He was up at 5 AM and put in four hours of shoveling at the zoo.
He stopped by the hospital and picked up 3 lunches and chocolate cake.
Lunch with Miss Love and K.C.
K.C. dressed Pinky as Charles Darwin and had him pose all afternoon.
Here are the scenes Pinky posed for:

Charles Darwin looks at a bone
C.D. feels an earthquake under his feet
C.D. recoils in horror when faced with cruelty to African slaves
C.D. sketches under a tree
C.D. examines a chicken skeleton in his cabin on the Beagle
A dragonfly on C.D.'s nose
C.D. is distraught over a letter from his wife worried about his soul
C.D. is taught a thing or two about finches by Mr. Gould
C.D. awakens from a terrible nightmare
Christmas Eve, 1835, C.D. watches a volcanic eruption from the deck of the beagle
Various shots of C.D. looking at plants, insects and various items
C.D. wanders in the woods with a lantern

K.C. and Pinky had Mexican Food and Shiner Beer.
Pinky took a bath with his hairless dog Sharkey.
Can you beat that?