October 6, 2007

Hanuman Beaton and his Collection of Pinky Diablo Art

Hanuman Beaton is Pinky's childhood friend and lifelong confidant. (Little Hanuman's parents were liberal beatniks--thus the name.) Hanuman, now a secret computer programmer for various nefarious agencies, has created a private Pinky Diablo art museum. He has a huge collection of drawings, painting and sculptures from Pinky that Pinky was unaware of. Apparently Hanuman started stealing Pinky's classroom note doodles in high school. He raided Pableau X and Granny D's underwear drawers where Pinky's childhood drawings were always kept. Most of the art that Pinky has ever sold has turned out to be bought by agents of Hanuman. Hanuman recently told Pinky about this collection. No one other than Hanuman and his closest associates have ever seen these hidden masterpieces. Pinky is trying to raise money to hire Blackwater to "acquire" this collection back from Hanuman. If you would like to help, please send a quarter to Pinky Diablo in an unmarked envelope (Don't give your name because he is planning to run for public office soon and doesn't want to be beholden to big business.)