November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Nadine

Even though Pinky and Nadine are not on speaking terms this week (a story much to long to explain in Pinky's concise and to-the-point blog), he gave her a birthday present. The problem was that the diet pills were such a pretty color, and Pinky was worried that he had bad breath ( he was on his way to work for J. Brightenbetter for the afternoon). Needless to say, they did not help his breath--in fact he gagged as he chewed the first four. By the time he got to Nadine's apartment, there were only eight left. He left a note saying that she could put mouse turds in the empty cells and sell them as holy relics in her mini-mall booth she has to rent in order to make some spending money. (Pinky doesn't judge, he just describes.)