November 16, 2007

Pink Prayer to God (and Readers) about Hate

Here is a post from a couple of years ago. Pinky is too busy this morning planning for this evening's pancake and margarita supper for some secret organization that he can't be bothered with creativity:

Dear God and Pink Listeners, (Actually, Pinky's gonna go out on a limb here (since he's obviously not on speaking terms with The Man) and make this a prayer just to the followers of himself.

Here's an idea. Since God doesn't seem to be making the pink changes Pinky has so respectfully requested, he thinks the humans of this celestial plane need to take charge. Now, living here in Texas, he knows that there is still an active KKK. He does not know anyone who is a member, but feels if he tried hard enough, he could root a couple up (call in some chips, if you know what he means!). Also, Pinky suspects that modern klansmen might not be into the robes as much as they used to be. But he thinks they are still out there and possibly still worn on secret occasions. What if each of you snuck into one klansman's house with a tub of Rit dye and colored his robe pink? It would almost be as good as if God did this and scared the beejeebus out of the racist bastard. In fact, it would be better, because God is not playing this pink game. Pinky realizes there may some legal issues here, but Pinky is a big fan of social disobedience when necessary. And face it, seeing klansmen swishing around in pink outfits is somehow very satisfying! If you feel you cannot participate for practical reasons (not knowing who's KKK and who's not, or fear of getting your head blown off by an automatic weapon), then Pinky suggests you spend a few minutes of your daily meditation imagining that you are doing this. Remember, PRAYER CHANGES THINGS! Before you know it, you will be giggling to yourself, walking with a lighter step, and exuding a pink love of the world. Thanks for your love and understanding. Your humble servant, Secretary to P. Diablo, Miss Paulina Heffengreiner