November 27, 2008

On Not Eating Meat

1)Those animals have been our parents.
2)All kinds of animal meats mix together even with dogs.
3)The impure smells of animals are not good for eating.
4)Dogs usually bark at meat-eater.
5)Meat-eaters have no mercy.
6)Meat-eaters do not have a good reputation.
7)All incantations cannot function out.
8)It causes many animals to be killed.
9)God and good ghosts do not like meat-eaters.
10)Bad smells come from their mouths.
11)Meat-eaters have bad dreams.
12)Tigers follow their bad smell and kill them.
13)Meat-eaters have no limitation of gluttony.
14)Meat-eating cuts the renunciation of the practitioner.
15)Meat-eaters may sometimes eat one's own children of past lives.