October 28, 2008

Letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus, I don't think you had anything to do with my computer crashing, and I want to thank you for Frey's sale pretty good sale on laptops (if you had anything to do with that). But I wondered if you were responsible for my latest problem. I am working on a borrowed computer, and after 1 day the red went out on the monitor. You may know that I have a blog that kinda relies on the visual pun of everything being pink (or pinkish). But now I can't tell whether pictures I steal off of the internet are pink or not (actually, some of the pics are mine). Since I suspect you are trying to tell me something, I have decided to pass my color problems on to my readers. Until my new laptop falls from heaven (via Fry's), I am taking out all the color in any picture I post. Maybe this will help both me and bored internet surfers learn the important lesson you have for me. Until then, Pinky's world shall remain colorless. Yours Truly,--PD

P.S. The windmill grass that blew through here last week was truly a miraculous sight. Good job!