July 18, 2008

Where is Jesus When You Need Him?!

Security guard listing on Craigslist:

Job Functions:

1. Patrols, periodically, ministry buildings and grounds.

2. Examines doors, window, and gates to determine that they are secure.

3. Warns violators of rule infractions, such as loitering, smoking, or carrying forbidden articles, and apprehends or expels persons engaging in suspicious or criminal acts.

4. Watches for and reports irregularities such as fire hazards, leaking water pipes, and security doors left unlocked.

5. Regulates vehicle and pedestrian traffic to maintain orderly flow.

6. Observes departing personnel to guard against theft of company property.

7. Sounds alarm or calls police or fire department by telephone in case of fire or presence of unauthorized persons.

8. Records data such as property damage, unusual occurrences, and malfunctioning of machinery or equipment, for use of supervisory staff.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Must maintain a growing walk with Jesus Christ through the ongoing spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, prayer, personal worship, fasting, confession, and fellowship.