July 9, 2008

Pinky's Zoo FAQ's

Pinky's friends are wondering why he has suddenly left the zoo. Here are answers to a few of the questions that have poured in from across the country.

Why are you leaving the zoo?
The zoo was one of the greatest adventures Pinky has ever had. The pay was CRAZY low and the hours long. Pinky had no time to work on his opera, “The Zoo Keeper’s Lament.” Both Pinky and his co-workers are sorry to part ways. Supervisors hope Pinky comes to his senses and have left the door open for Pinky’s return. Pinky will now be seen more on the social circuit.

Will you ever settle down and get a real job?

Do you have any Pinky Diablo T-shirts left?
Sorry, no.

Did you abscond with the Rhino money?
No. Pinky raised almost $3000 for his local Zoo Keeper Association chapter and duly turned it all over to the proper Rhino authorities. Thanks for all who contributed!

Do you have future animal plans?
Yes. Pinky wants to open the first ever drive through possum sanctuary. He is awaiting sponsorship.

When can we see you next?
Pinky will be at the Dolly Python open house and shopping party this Saturday (July 12) 6-?PM in Dallas, TX on Haskell Ave. Pinky is still working at the zoo through this week so he will be leaving before 9PM.

Is there going to be a new Pinky Diablo trailer since the last one burned?
Yes. Stay tuned. Pinky has a smaller trailer that he can pull with a harness that is being worked on as you read this. There is probably a cross-country walk involved with it in the near future.

Will that correspond with the opera opening?
Probably not. The opera is several years out.

If you have further questions that require individual response, don’t hesitate to email.

Director of Public Relations and Operatic Funding
Diablo Inc.