July 9, 2008

Pinky is Leaving the Zoo

Zoo officials have entered into a contractual arrangement with Pinky for neither party to release the details of Pinky's resignation (Take it from Pinky, it would make both the seals and the zoo officials look bad--not Pinky!) Pinky has agreed to this, not for his sake but for the future employment opportunities of the seals. Now that Pinky is no longer working at the zoo, he is available as your personal sage. Please call the Diablo Inc. offshore feline call center to inquire further. (For $100 plus travel and a nice lunch, Pinky will come to your home and paint skeleton or animal watercolors all day--These typically retail from $22-$48, and Pinky can easily create 25-50 in a day--you do the math. Perfect for Hallmark shop franchise owners, sex shop boutiques, or ordinary folks trying to get their Xmas shopping done in one fell swoop!)