July 20, 2008

What Does Pinky Do When in Rome?

Pinky was cleaning out some notebooks when he found a flow chart he had written in Italy a few years ago. It is apparently an outline of a story about a boy who accidentally becomes pope on a visit to the Vatican. It makes little sense to Pinky now. Here is a sampling (minus the confusing visual chart part.)

Starts in TX as toddler
Things to know: finger paints w nuns, nuns love him, protect him from Vatican curates with evil eye stares
Changes to Vatican procedures: curates fight and push for status quo, Alex pushes for toaster waffles, chicken fingers, confusion
Papal dresser
Garibaldi, why isn't he bald yet
espresso, gelato, biscotti
Likes colored things: blocks, blue bottle caps, grandmother's earrings, Swiss guard
Grandmother raises his, she looks like old dead pope
finds secret booger place on throne
oozing precociousness like a marmalade sandwich pressed by a priestly fat hand
ant farm reliquary
now old pope falls out hospital window waving like Icarus in bed sheet
red hair curly, 4 years old, almost invisible eyelashes like halos
catacombs, animals, loves cats and parakeets
need to know: hierarchy of Vatican, how conclave works, smoke, who bakes the host
ice cream vendors, Nascar