March 19, 2008

Diablo Inc. Saves World Economic Crisis!

In these troubled times, people need comfort food. It is with this goal in mind that Diablo Inc. has hired Earline Saint-Marie to be the face of its new food division. Miss Saint-Marie will be traveling the world promoting Diablo Inc.'s new 50 gallon barrel of Pinky D's Sun Cured Deviled Egg Filling (in fact, it is the only product currently available in Diablo Inc.'s Saving the World One Deviled Egg at a Time food division). Miss Saint-Marie will be showing up in your town soon with a troupe of dyed poodles performing tricks on, in, and around 50 gallon barrels of the delicious product. Get in line to taste a spoonful, and you'll want to roll home at least 2 barrels of your own!