June 29, 2006

Pinky's Best Friend and Psychic Twin, Lance Ferngate, Turns 57 Today!

Lance, It's your lucky day. Diablo Inc. has arranged an all-expense-paid two week vacation for you at its orphanage in desolate Moldochencko . There you can cavort with abandonned children, eat gruel to your heart's content, and learn to respect authority. You will start you journey with 6 hour layovers in Houston, Midland, Jackson and Perth. From there you will fly to Warsaw where a contingency of orphans will help you find the bus station. From Warsaw it's only a 72 hr bus trip through war-torn Eastern Europe to Moldochencko. The matrons at the orphanage will pamper you with a complementary bleach scrub and de-lousing (you'll need it after the bus ride). You'll awaken every morning at 5 A.M. to the sounds of sobbing and abuse. Diablo Inc. has discovered your love of printmaking. Lance, as a special treat, you'll be appointed press monkey in the orphanage printshop! For 16 hrs a day, you'll get to grease the fly wheels and bundle up the orphanage's newletter that is sent out to the millions of contributors. Enjoy your vacation! (PS--Lance, check the comments below for some more birthday wishes.)