June 24, 2006

Pinky Turns to the Wisdom of the Church for Guidance about Poodles

"Sadly, many Christian children’s books that deal with creation often have pictures of Adam and Eve and the animals in the Garden where the animals pictured are domesticated varieties we are familiar with today—like poodles, Jersey cows and so on.

So churches teach students (or at least give the impression) that God created poodles (and the other domestic varieties of animals). However, public schools teach their pupils that such creatures have developed by processes of change that are incorrectly presented as ‘evolution.’ Thus, in reality, they are being taught that Christianity doesn’t accept real science and therefore the Bible must be wrong.

It is so important for churches to teach Christians the right way to look at the world—giving them a correct understanding of science and history, so they will be able to see through the evolutionary indoctrination of the world."

Poodles really are a reminder of both creation and the Curse. So the next time you see a poodle, perhaps you could use it as a talking point to explain sin—but go on to explain the message of salvation to overcome the effects of sin.