April 29, 2007

Pinky was Pimped Out

While Pableau X and Granny D were on a recent trip to the Paducah moth collectors convention, Pinky discovered (by going through some files marked SECRET) that Pableau X and Granny D have been making loads of money off of him for the last 45 years. A Swiss bank account was set up in 1962 and has had regular deposits made since then. Pinky discovered photos that show him as a toddler wrestling with bunnies, puppies and other baby animals. Granny D and Pableau X have been selling these photos, first by mail and recently by email, to collectors of toddler/cute animal wrestling pics. Pinky feels ashamed and used, but feels obligated to speak out to stop this horrible perversion. (Pinky now understands his yearly Easter-time breakdowns.)