June 30, 2007

Supper's Ready!

Pinky always hated to be called into dinner by his Grandmother, Mammy Diablo.

Pinky's Dr. Visit

Pinky's gastroenterologist explained his intestines are controlled by a little man who orchestrates the passing of all food. Apparently, Pinky's stomach elf is high strung and prone to taking long coffee breaks.

June 24, 2007

Pinky's Newest Pet

Pinky's Life Teachers

Pinky has always learned so much from older women friends.

Pinky's a Fashion Bug

If you had seen Pinky yesterday, you would know the answer to this intriguing question.

Pinky Got a Package

RE-filling? Pinky refilled his with 273 dirty stuffed animals that deserved a proper burial.

Mrs. Doodlepunk

When the Cat's Away....

Miss Love left her prize poodle in the care of Pinky this week-end. He dressed her up and whored her picture out to Russian mafia thugs hungry for hot American bitches.

Pinky had a Terrible Dream Last Night About Kentucky Fried Chicken

June 18, 2007

Diablo Inc. Baked Goods

Try Pinky's new stem cell, blueberry muffin wad.

Pinky has Been Getting Lots of Wrong Numbers for Some Guy Named Noah

A Sign from God

Today God sent an angel (in the form of a huge wasp) to inform Pinky of something. The wasp stung Pinky on his shoulder. When he looked down at the throbbing red religious bite, Pinky saw that it had stung him right on the little tail of the tattooed chick. Now what was God trying to tell him?

Mondays Down on the Farm

Every Monday is French Revolution Day here at the ranch. The cows love it, and Pinky make a mean brioche.

Pinky's House

Pinky has been finding graffiti from adoring fans written all over his new house. They must come between 4:30 and 5:00 AM when Pinky gets a few minutes of shut-eye.

June 16, 2007

Pinky's Newest Game

If you can guess what this list is, you win the prize:

Bible fun
Moron book
Soap art
After Goya
Don’t scream
Crappy chair
Dog ashtray

June 12, 2007

The Horrifying Truth About the Tooth Fairy

The Tastebuds of God

Pinky's Time Travel

Pinky was given the opportunity to go back in time to see any one minute in history. He chose to witness the birth of Venus. Unfortunately, he arrived a day early.

June 10, 2007

The Difference Between Your Brain Waves and Pinky's

Pinky Knows Everyone

These two sisters are featured on today's Dallas Morning News online homepage. Pinky and Miss Love regularly see these ladies at the local thrift store where Miss Love buys her jewelry and clothing. For a delightful video interview click HERE (or on the picture.

George and Laura were Delivered to their Vatican Audience with the Pope in this Clownish Rig

The Only Decent Thing George Bush has Done (or the Pope Needs a Gentle Reminder)

Roosevelt Wilkerson is one of Pinky's friends. In fact, Roosevelt used Pinky's garage for a studio for a few months:
In a library adorned with a painting of the Virgin Mary by Antoniazzo Romano and a large Crucifix sculpted by Giotto, the pope and President George Bush exchanged gifts. The pontiff gave the president a 17th century lithograph of St. Peter's Basillica and a gold Vatican medallion. The president gave the pope a white walking stick crafted by a former homeless man, Dallas artist Roosevelt Wilkerson, a piece of native Texas wood inscribed with the Ten Commandments.

June 8, 2007

Venice or Cairo? Ask Your Travel Agent--or Just Roll the Dice

Forster writes, in a new, revised edition released as part of the centenary of Daphne du Maurier's birth, 100 years ago today, that du Maurier's children still find their mother's bisexuality hard to accept. Perhaps the fact that du Maurier kept it hidden for so long, however, is not surprising, since she was a secretive woman who struggled to understand it herself. She describes sexual feelings evasively, using code words and euphemisms, "the L word" being but one example. An attractive person she termed "a menace" (note the suggestion of threat); foreplay was "spinning", to have sex was "to wax", sex with men was "Cairo", sex with women "Venice". She wouldn't name things by their name. In one of her later letters to Doubleday, though, she admits that she preferred "Venice" to "Cairo", because she felt more confident with it.

June 7, 2007

Sometimes Pinky's a Little Prissy

He 's fascinated with Eva Peron, Charlotte Bronte, Virago Modern Classics, and Daphne Du Maurier (who, by the way was a little...you know...after her husband died. Her family called that condition "Venetian").

The Difference Between Miss Love and Paris Hilton

Miss Love had to serve her entire 21 day sentence in the window of the local furniture store.

Miss Love has been Giving Her Poodle Driving Lessons

Ellis County drivers beware.

What do Pableaux Diablo and Thomas Jefferson Have in Common?

They have the same handwriting! Here are the words "fresh meat" written in the hand of Thomas Jefferson. This looks just like Pinky's papa's lettering.

June 5, 2007

June 4, 2007

The Stoma of God

Pandas, Bandits, and Pundits: The Pinky Diablo Story

Pinky's Parents Taught Him About Death at an Early Age

Granny D and Pableaux Diablo bought little Pinky his own tombstone for his 5th birthday. Pinky has moved it 42 times and now drinks his morning coffee sitting on it.

Here are Nadine's Only Friends

Fostoria (on the left) works at the chicken plant. Daisy is a tester for Gold Bond Powder.

True Story

Today Pinky bought a dirty bed pillow made of blue ticking with a cigarette burn on it at the local thrift store. He will get back to you about his plans for it.

Miss Love Lives in a Fantasy World