September 29, 2006

September 26, 2006

Bloggers Beware!

This warning especially applies to Diablo Inc.'s line of specialty chocolates. God seems pretty intent on destroying every bite of this sinfully delicious treat.

September 24, 2006

The One Art Work of Andy Warhol that Pinky Ever Liked

Pinky's Back with a Prayer

Here's a prayer from Pinky's friend, Lance Ferngate:

May all of the bread you toast,
The trees you plant,
The bridges you sleep under...
Bear the image of the Virgin Mary!

September 12, 2006

Leave of Absence

Pinky will be taking a leave of absence to have some horny growths removed. He will return Sept 24.

September 9, 2006


Pinky thought he would see a difference in the world when he started his cause of the day. Unfortunately, no change was noticed. Pinky likes immediate gratification.

More Miracle

Not only does this turtle have the Virgin Mary on its underbelly, but Pinky also see Jesus with outstretched arms in the lower left of this photo (slightly blurred). Proof of intelligent design or nature's cruel joke? Only Pinky knows for sure.

Pinky's New Pasture Proposal for Miss Love

He thinks this would be low maintenance, and the cows would add an organic touch to the rigid geometry of the shrubs.

Pinky D Doesn't Know Much About Computers

But he can sure fry up some tasty fish fingers!

September 7, 2006

Jesus Loved This Oufit of Pinky D's

Cause #5: Fashion

Do you dread getting dressed in the morning? Do you wear the same drab clothes to work week after week? Do you try to blend in? Why don't you take one day next week and dress to make Jesus laugh?! (God knows he needs it--what with all the trouble a brewin' in the world and whatnot.) Mismatched socks. Cross gender underpants. Plaids and stripes. You'll walk with a lighter step and walk closer to God, to boot!

Little Pinky Never Noticed Pableau X's Warnings

September 6, 2006

Pinky's Cat Often Hides from Pinky

You Don't Want to be a Cat in Pinky's Neighborhood

Cake Baking 101: Butter Self and Lightly Flour

Pinky Has Been Known to Knock'em Flat

Cause #4: Get Away from Smoke

If you are a smoker, you're gonna die an early death anyway, but please keep your smoke away from Pinky. Pinky has devised this method to allow Miss Love and guests to smoke inside. How can you get away from second-hand smoke?

September 5, 2006

An Unfortunate Event in Pinky's Childhood

Pinky has been terrified of steam, ever since.

Cause #3: Your Shape

Contemplate your shape (and the hole that would fit you).

September 4, 2006

Pinky is a Shining Light

When Pinky preaches, you have to rely on your sense of Pinky rather than your view of Pinky.

What Happens When Pinky Handles Your Food?

Cause #2: Are You a Typhoid Mary?

Pinky has been reading a couple of books about Typhoid Mary. For God's sake, wash your freakin' hands after visiting the bathroom. In fact, don't touch your mouth or your nose with your bare hands. (And when Pinky says wash your hands, he means really scrub.) Contemplate this cause the next time you pick your teeth with your fingernail.

September 3, 2006

Cause #1: Ancestor Worship

Pinky thinks this is a good thing. For the dead ones, eat a cupcake in their honor. For the live ones, eat a cupcake with them. Build a small altar in your home and feed it cupcakes regularly. Bottom line: Ancestors LOVE cupcakes.

A Week of Causes

Each night this week Pinky will be presenting a cause of the day. Mull the cause of the day over in your mind during the following day. Act upon it, if you feel the spirit.

Diablo Inc.'s First Step in Mind Control Successful

As a test, an email was sent to Pinky's followers stating that The End is Near and Pinky's blog would soon be taken down. The bait was taken. Many fans bemoaned the loss of their favorite web-based entertainment and asked Pinky what was happening. Is Pinky ill? Has he gone into rehab? Has he grown weary of the suffering of this world? Has he made contact with other galaxies? (Pinky's answer to all of this was, "Don't believe everything you read!")

Now that Pinky knows that people do in fact believe everything they read, he has put his next step into action. Please send in your prayer wishes to Pinky, and he will insure their delivery to the correct god, goddess, divine entity, or nothingness. He cannot guarantee any personal intervention, but he will put in a good word for you with the
Heavenly Power of your choosing. DO NOT SEND MONEY AT THIS TIME (that is not required at least until step #4).

September 1, 2006

Pinky Tries Not to Think About Tomorrow

Waste Not Want Not

It's a win-win situation. Buy Pinky's discarded candy wrappers for 99 cents a gross. Then use them to wrap up your chewed gum. Save them in an airtight container until Halloween and give them out to the little goblins who come to your door. (For an additional 5.99 per order, Diablo Inc. can print a personalized spiritual message on the wrappers.)

Cheese is Alive

Only the razor sharp edge of the knife can hear the scream of the cheese.

Labor Day Week End Feast Preparations at the Diablo Inc. Temple of the Common Man

Trouble Brewing in Pinky's Brain

After Pinky saw this image, he had to make an appointment with his psychiatrist. It will cost him $850 and 4 weeks to discover why this image disturbed him.