April 29, 2006

The Key to Pinky's Stomach

Pinky Got Caught in the Jam Pot

Pinky sez, "President Bush, Look What You Have Done. Shame on You!"

Pinky is planning a trip to Mexico soon. How will he explain to his Spanish speaking brothers and sisters the lack of humanity on the part of their northern neighbors? Granny D says he should pretend to be a German, but Pinky doesn't have any ugly shoes.

Pinky Passed a Rather Large Kidney Stone Last Night

You can bid on it at Ebay.com

Pinky's Credentials

Trained with angels. Lived with demons.

April 27, 2006

Nadine's Back Under Pinky's Skin

Pinky found this record that Nadine recorded in the 70's. He can't imagine why she wasn't a hit.

Borrow a Book from Pinky's Lending Library

Pinky is a scholar!

April 25, 2006

Pinky Has X-Ray Vision

And he thinks you're damn scary!

April 24, 2006

Oh Pinky!

Dance the night away with Pinky himself.

The Shroud of Pinky is Being Donated to the Vatican

It will become the most visited relic in the 21st century (if you ask Pinky).

5 Out of 6 Ladies Love Pinky Diablo

The 6th lady probably doesn't even laugh at poot jokes.

Miss Love Grows a Calf Head Potato

April 23, 2006

Sign Up for Pinky's Elder Care Class

Your tutition also covers the cost of your own life-like rubber granny.

Bertie Mae was Tiny and Crippled

But she could cuss like a sailor.

The Great Potato Inquisition

Test Question: Compare and Contrast Cockroaches and Humans

Pinky Has Too Much Free Time

This week Pinky sculpted Miss Love and her oldest Zebu momma, Loretta. Pinky has been stealing pats of butter from the all-you-can-eat buffet in Garland for 14 years. He finally had enough butter in the freezer to complete this project.

America Won Its Revolution Against England Thanks to the Bravery and Courage of These Potatoes

Shouldn't we be sending potatoes to Iraq to get us out of the mess Bush got us into?!

Another Pinky Koan (Or a Sad Installment in the History of the Potato)

How many potatoes did the Indians have to plant before they were killed off by the white man's pox?

Pinky Diablo: Obsessed with Death #82

Pinky Diablo Koan

The world is vast and wide. Pinky asked his monkey, "Why am I up so early?"

Caged Pink

April 19, 2006

Pinky Wins the Part of the Princess in the New Disney Version of "The Princess and the Pea"

Pinky can feel a potato through 75 mattresses. Then he marries a chicken.

Do You Want to See Pinky Dead?!

At a recent lecture, Pinky offhandedly mentioned that some people would like to see him dead. The next morning, this crowd was outside his bedroom window ready to dig his grave.

Pinky Disapproves of Romanticizing the Life of Potatoes in Art

These poor things are kept in the ground only to be released, skinned and boiled in pots of oil. Potatoes do not deserve this torture!

Pinky's in a Race with Time

He has to develop the vision in his third eye before he loses sight in the first two.

April 17, 2006

Pinky Seduces Miss Love with His Miniature Haiku

Pinky Wishes All Food Could be So Blue

His friend Orine gave him a party once and served only blue food at Pinky's request. The guests all had a good time until the next day.