March 31, 2006

Terrorist Confections Seize Diablo Inc. Headquarters

Pinky's private security force had to hold back 100's of terrorist marshmallows in the lobby of the Diablo Inc. headquarters building in Hutchins, Texas. The tiny terrorists were demanding US citizenship and fire extinguishers. Pinky was fortunately out of state on religious business.

First of All, Pinky is the Epitome of GREAT taste. Secondly, He's Stiffer Than All His Competition Put Together

IN THE PINK: Tom Sale's Pinky Diablo's Trailer, a roving epitome of bad taste, will roll into action again at "Casket Factory '05," a do-it-yourself art fair continuing today at Southside on Lamar. Kitsch memorabilia such as a dead duck dressed as a baby and a vintage book on testicular problems entertained crowds outside last weekend's opening of the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art's "Moving Pictures" show. This time Pinky will have stiff competition.

March 30, 2006

Pinky's Hit the French Press

Avignon chapel up for sale - on Ebay
They say you can sell anything on the internet - but a XVc chapel in the heart of Avignon? As John McEnroe used to say, "You cannot be serious." In fact, the present owner, who had intended to live in it himself but changed his mind, is entirely serious - to the extent of putting it up for auction on the online shop Ebay for a suggested ?790,000.The property in question is the chapelle Saint-Geni├Ęs, on rue Bonnetier in the pedestrianised area near the Palais des Papes. Its 355m2 consist of a 170m2 hall, whose 8m-high ceilings are surmounted by a 12m glazed dome, and two separate flatlets. Built in 1452 as one of five chapels used by the Popes in their Avignon days, it was rebuilt in 1737 (when the cupola was added). Since then it has had a chequered career, being used successively as a hospital, an armaments store, a court at the time of the Revolution, a stock exchange, a chamber of commerce and even a tourist office.The announcement of the sale has been greeted with derision by local estate agents, who comment that the French wouldn't even buy a car online, let alone a unique property, adding that only Americans would contemplate such a purchase. This view seems to be confirmed by the fact that, to date, no bids have appeared on the website and the only expression of interest has come from one Pinky Diablo, an eccentric American artist, who wants to paint it pink and establish it as a new papal palace with himself as pope under the title of Pinkus the First. He proposes to ask his fans to raise the price by contributing one dollar each - though whether his popularity is sufficient to generate the US price of $990,000 remains to be seen.

A Short Mission from God

Pinky is leaving tomorrow on a short mission from God. He is delivering some holy cows for Miss Love to South Carolina. He will be back on Monday to resume blogging.

Pinky Says He Would Rather Have the Two in the Bush

Another of Pinky's Dirty Little Secrets

More of Pinky D's Psychic Pinhole Photography

This was taken out Pinky's back door on a foggy day. Who are these people?!

March 27, 2006

How to Make Money from Old People

Pinky finds a long stretch of highway where there's no bathroom. Then he sets up his portable pink travel restroom and charges exorbitant prices to use it. He has hired the warty lunch lady from the local elementary school to be the bathroom attendant. It's a very classy outfit.

Pinky Interacts with Childhood Fantasy Characters

Pinky was driving to the store yesterday when a mongrel momma dog with big swinging teats ran across the road into what seemed to be an abandonned house. Pinky followed her into the house to check on her pups. When he got inside, he realized the house was not empty--simply trashed out. There was a lazy-boy with 100's of beer cans around it. Petrified pizza was everywhere. The sheets on the bed were gray with filth. But on the bathroom shelf was the key to the identity of the unknown inhabitant. There were jars and jars full of teeth--large and small--white and rotten. Pinky had found the lair of the tooth fairy!

March 26, 2006

What's Wrong with Pinky

Pinky found this photo of Granny D when she was pregnant with Pinky. He still loves carrots.

Don't Let Pinky Sit on Your Fine Antique Furniture

What Zipporah Said to Moses

"Whatcha gonna do with all that junk--all that junk inside your trunk?!"

Sign Up Today for Pinky's Stoma Care and Drainage Service

Why do all the dirty work yourself. Have Pinky come entertain you while servicing your stoma. Ask about Pinky's hand puppet stoma care.

Pinky Sez, Stick a Fork in It

March 25, 2006

What's Left Over After You Finish Your Steak

Or "Whoa, cowboy! You shore got some x-ray vision thar!"

Pinky Delivers!

Pinky delivered this newborn calf today. Miss Loved named her Pinky. Here is Pinky's dog, Pinky, licking Pinky moments after Pinky pulled her out.

Some Days are More Picturesque Than Others Here at Pinky and Miss Love's Ranch

Here is Pinky's bottlefed holy cow (Birdie) as she exudes her godness. It was high noon so there was no way the sun could have been behind her head. That's real religion, buddy.

Don't Worry, It's Just from Pinky

March 24, 2006

How Pinky Feels in His Own Skin

Pinky and Miss Love are Working Out Issues from Past Lives

Little Missy Love is practicing her teaching skills, while little Pinky D practices his passive/aggressive techniques.

Pinky Regrets Early Tattoo Choices

He promises he's a different man now.

Diablo Inc. Houseboat Rentals at Dallas County Sewage Treatment Plant

A Sign from God

March 23, 2006

If You are in Dallas Next Week, Come by and Visit Pinky's Booth at the Famed Dolly Python

When Pinky's in a Bad Mood, You Best Steer Clear of Him

Pinky Recommends Safe Sex

Try Pinky's Cold Water Yoga Class

Pinky floods the floor with 4 inches of cold water and plays a relaxing waterfall sound on the boom box. "Close your eyes and imagine you are a penguin on the icy calm beach of Antarctica"

March 22, 2006

Miss Love's Cold and Flu Remedy

Pour 1 oz. cherry cough syrup in a shot glass. Cover with dollop of mayonnaise. Lick out mayo and hold in mouth while swigging cough syrup. Repeat every 15 minutes until you fall asleep.

Pinky's Spleen has Already Crossed the River Styx

He often conjures it up through the Ouija Board and it says things like: "psssssssstt gurgle sshhhh."

Let Pinky Tell You What You Wanna Hear

Or at least let him slip his mollusky tongue in your ear.

Ingredients for Pinky Diablo

Add 150 lbs or sirloin and 80 lbs of fatback. Use wire to hold together.

March 21, 2006

Pinky Made Himself a Snack

Pinky Diablo Sez: Don't Just Talk About Yourself

Nobody wants to hear you ramble on about yourself except yourself. (Pinky knows this from experience, but refuses to accept it.)

Drivers Have Much Less Nose Hair

Pinky noticed that when he drives, he often looks at his nostils in the rear view mirror. Of course, since he has has rounded the middle-age turn, his nose hairs have begun to grow. But since he sees them when he drives, he plucks them out with his dainty pink fingertips. He feels sorry for all those hairy-nosed couch potatoes (and their wives).

Pinky D'ism: Selfishness Will Lead You Nowhere

Pinky and Miss Love's Wedding Cake Topper

March 20, 2006

Some Good Art Has a Hole Instead of a Handle

Pinky Collaborated with His Alter-Ego Tom Sale on This Piece

More of Pinky Diablo's Alter-Ego's Art for Sale

Pinky has tried buying several things via the internet, but after he pokes money in the slot on the computer, nothing happens. He bets you are smarter and can contact the Webb Gallery at to find out more about buying this art on the internet. Who knows, if you live in Tennessee, he might even deliver it! (He's delivering some cows near there for Miss Love at the end of the month.)

Pinky Repeats Himself: All Good Art Has a Handle

(Available for purchase through

Pink Miracle in Mongolia

After February’s yellow snow, the Russian island of Sakhalin received a dose pink snowfall. Experts at the local meteorology centre said sand from neighboring Mongolia was to blame for this unusual natural phenomenon. Before it arrived in Maritime, the cyclone passed Mongolia, where sand storms had been raging in the desert.

March 19, 2006

Pinky Never Finishes His House Cleaning...

....because has to carefully sort out all the contents of the vacuum cleaner bag every time he uses it.

All Good Art Has a Handle

What His Artwork Sees When You Look at It

Thank God Pinky Didn't Write the Old Testament

Noah had received the e-mail from God about gathering up all of the animals, etc. But Noah was still in his underwear playing Grand Theft Auto when the flood caught him unawares. The End.